Our Bichons


Breeder: Erayna Beckman

Owned by: Jim and Charlotte Guetzkow

"Tessa" finished with 4 majors and this picture says it all with Tessa`s smile.


Am. Can. Ch. Cabochon Batmadison Marquise

Ch. Yoannewyn`s Hela Va ScorcherCh. Dove-Cote`s White Tornado
Am. Can. Ch. Vassaly`s Yoannewyn Amelia
Craigdale EspanaYoannewyn Cap`t Barnstable
Am. Can. Ch. Kibbatts Craigdale Joy
Am. Can. BISS Ch. Cricket`s Trinket of Erayna ROMXCh. Kay`s Excalibur LancelotExcalibur`s Pucca
Kay`s Sweetness of Boz
Salutaire`s La Blanc CricketCh. Moderna`s Bugof

Petit Four Salutaire Adlib