Electra And Maxiford

I am the proud owner of 2 Legend Bichons. I have Legend’s Leading Lady (Electra), now 7 years old and Legend’s Showstopper (Maxiford) just turning 10 months. Legend Bichons are gorgeous!! Beautiful heads and faces and great smiles. But, that is not why I bought them. I train Therapy dogs to make visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. Temperament is the most important consideration for me. Legend Dogs are raised in a loving home with normal household noises (vacuum, TV, doorbell, garbage disposal, people dropping in to visit..) and they are calm and well socialized. When I get my Legend puppy, at 10 -12 weeks old, they are ready to start training. No shyness or fear issues – they are happy, healthy and love everyone (especially men…..Thank you Larry!) Our training and finally testing  for Therapy Dogs includes dealing with wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, loud noises, all types of people. With Legend Bichons – they are well prepared to move on to Therapy Dog challenges. People refer to my girls as “aggressively friendly.” They can’t wait to meet new people, sit on laps and give kisses and love. They are everything a Therapy Dog should be. And, they are so smart!!!! My girls do about 30 tricks which absolutely delights all the patients we visit. Along with their Therapy Dog training and visits, my girls have titled in Tricks (Novice, Advanced and Excellent) and Rally (Novice, Advanced and Excellent). And back to how gorgeous Legend Bichons are, they have done commercials for Neiman Marcus, Michaels, JC Penney, Pier 1, AT&T, Belk etc….. Photographers can’t get enough of that beautiful Legend smile. I love Erayna and Larry for breeding the most beautiful, smart, funny, loving Bichons and thank them for trusting me with 2 of them!